About Sue

I am a full time wife, mother, yoga teacher and practitioner.

Once upon a time I was a full time librarian. I still hanker after the organisation and sharing of information! Teaching yoga is a perfect way for me to combine my left and right brain personalities – processing & organising information in a logical manner, then sharing & expressing my knowledge & understanding of yoga creatively.

I love walking, running, sea swims, headstands, hanging out with my husband, children and dog, my family and friends. I love cooking, trying new recipes and of course eating! I love visiting and spending time in gardens, and getting my hands into the dark warm earth.

I love yoga. I love practising it, reading about it, talking about it and teaching it. I love to learn new things especially about the human body, mind and spirit.

I love to breathe, to sweat, to twist, to forward bend, to back bend and to open my hamstrings as well as my heart.

Like many people, I began yoga for its physical benefits and also out of curiosity for what it was all about. I had read about yoga in my teenage years and tried practising it at home - I can still remember headstands attempted in my bedroom! I took my first yoga class in 1997, and can only say I fell in love with it immediately. As I moved deeper into yoga, exploring its many facets, it began to transform my life and the way I relate with the world. It still does. Yoga opened a window for me that became a door onto a path that I am very happy to be on. While I teach, I continue to love being a student.

I studied with the Irish Yoga Association, a four year course comprising 700 course hours. Since then I have practised Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga for many years, both styles influencing my teaching and knowledge of both alignment and energy flow. I regularly attend workshops with senior teachers. I believe the many styles and ways to practise, have something to offer each person and practitioner. At different stages of our lives we may be drawn to different ways of practising. It is wonderful to have such a deep well of yoga to draw from. Each form of yoga has its own benefits.

I am an experienced yoga teacher, with many years teaching behind me and still learning. There is no end to discovering more about the ancient art form and science that is yoga!

More than anything I love to share the joy and the magic that yoga has brought and continues to bring to my life.